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So much rests on my shoulders as I get older, hoping and praying I get wiser. Stressed out reaching for the lighter while I smoke one. Out here alone, I always told myself I don’t need help. I’d rather suffer and die, cheat, steal, kill, lie before begging for mercy. Always been hungry never thirsty and now I sit here every thursday contemplating. Normalcy vs insanity, god damnt he abandoned me and now I slam the door shut, i guess i’m angary. But, logically I know its not worth the energy, sitting seeking synergy hoping the things I’ve said & done don’t have people pity me. 

A very sad day today.. BUT, the brotherhood and bond they share and the things they went through was a true display of the definition of family & honor.  RIP Lewds - You were such a great friend. Thank you C & C and the entire Natalio Family for everything.


The display of love I’ve seen today from this family is far beyond any of my wildest dreams or expectations. The respect for another human being displayed today is unmatched. This is real life. Let’s ride this motherfucker out for Chris. Love always. #christophernatalio (Taken with Instagram at Liberty Park)


Thank you for everything. I’ll see you on the other side someday. I miss you so much already. It is never going to be the same without you. You were a good man to many people and I’m so proud of what you’ve lived for. Your friends, your business, and of course, your family. So I really hope you’re having chill vibes up there in heaven! You’ve earned it. Rest in peace daddy, and thanks for all the times we’ve shared together.


while our entire streetwear industry/community celebrates the life and mourns the loss of a true OG and innovator, Chris Natalio.. the big homie Groove shares a moment he had with Lewds at SXSW as he shares his 3 Little Digs.. the things he absolutely cannot live without (his son, music, and the entire CnC family). your vision’ll certainly carry on.


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Think Before You Act

Love is lost and easily ignored an angel easily transformed to a gold diggen whoreLookin for love on a club dance floor make you contemplate what you came here forTo score, to win, to chill and get it in, think before you act because every actions a sin.

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